1st Couple’s “Walking Papers” the Right Call

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Re-reading the classic Genesis 3 event where God cancelled Adam and Eve's VISA's for foraging in the off-limits Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. OK, hardball? Maybe some protection for the 1st couple considering their eyes had been opened mach speed to both super-rich and super-dark understanding beyond their depths to handle it. Take the Los Angeles School Districts noble effort at handing out 1 Billion dollars worth of Ipads to 650,000 students for class use. HMMM? Ipad…Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil…too much, too soon?! Well, it was only a matter of time before the codes and securities blocks had been compromised and students were playing games, checking Facebook during class. There is probably some practical wisdom in why God needed to get our ancestors out of Eden and into some "hands on" life training to catch up with their new found genius. Same-same with the LA students…very doubful that these young people had the self-control to use their Ipad's for parsing Latin declensions when there was a chance to gain a level on Candy Crush.

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