4 Out 5 Americans Share This…Hey, Maybe We Can Finally Agree On Something!

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A report came out several weeks ago that concluded that 80% of American adults struggle with either joblessness, near-poverty or being a welfare recepient. Maybe the article should have specified what hemisphere American. Come on, in the US of A there is so much work to be bartered on, its almost comical. No, not talking about the typical, traditional corporate job stuff w/ the multi-tiers of benefits, "golden parachutes" and other Wharton 'B' School jive, but "old school" kind of stuff. Before Huffington Post headlines another sad jobless scare, can we start with borrowing some hedge trimmers and a rake. There's bound to be a bush somewhere that needs a trim. Instead of posting up at a busy intersection with some handwritten scrawled sign that reeks of "Am Desperate and May God Bless You!" at least these dudes could hold out a Papa John's Pizza Special sign and dance a little jig once in a while. Gosh, honestly, borrowing a truck on trash pick-up days usually results in an occassional "lottery find" that can be flipped. Next time the 'whine- mobile" comes screeching across CNN, lets show some op-eds on folks who are actually doing something creative instead of grousing, grumbling and groaning about having to live in this 3rd world country called America.

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