4 Words That Changed My Life

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Driving home from BB&T this morning I was moved by the little billboard/message board in front of the Moravian Church on Old Oak Ridge Rd. Just 4 words…and it was a major game changer for me… On the humble little stand were the words, "Gossip Hurts; Gospel Heals" I may head down to Lee Street Ink and get those 4 words tattooed on the inside of my wrist. How many times has my insecurity, insensitivity, and self-centeredness nudged me to slight, slur, and disparage another person. I often need one of those pillories seen in Colonial Williamsburg to flash in front of me before I open my vocal Pandora's Box. Gratefully, these is another six-letter G-word that is acting as a guard rail and backstop for my loose lips. Not only helping me guard my tongue but even healing a personality that hides behind it.

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