5 O’Clock Somewhere, But Not In the Treatment Center, Hospital or Cemetery

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Heading to Atlanta; daughter locked onto her 4 programmed country stations. Jimmy Buffet crys out that if he doesn't get a "Hurricane" (mixed drink made famous in New Orleans) during lunch he would go insane. He is able to "ameliorate" his addictive, dysfuntional mania by simply reminding us that it is 5 O'Clock somewhere… OK. Hmmm? ? Sounds cute in a kooky kind of way. Cute, I guess, until the happy party-boy's body starts breaking down from having to constantly filter the alcohol. Then, he will have to sing his "happy songs" in a place where clocks are not very important to the guests. No sweat for the "Happy imbiber." I'm sure he will just find another solid reason to justify why he must have a drink at lunch!

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