A “Pain” Up Trajectory

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Listening to Franciscan priest, author, speaker and contemplative Richard Rohr share on his book Breathing Underwater: Spirituality and the 12 Steps , he turned the "Success Pyramid" inside out by underscoring a "pain up" trajectory. He uses the 12 Step program as a model, but he is really referring to all of us. The sterling silver components of Coach John Wooden's "Success Pyramid" are still our goals and ideals, but I believe Rohr is bringing the reality of suffering into the success equation. In other words, as the pyramid builder fervently screams for God's immediate intervention in his/her floundering to be more persevering, more enthusiastic, more loyal, he/she is able to seize the grace to overcome these gaps. Success is a Process: Pain (I continue to blow it) + Prayer for Divine Help = Progress in Success!

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