A Wolf of Wall Street “Wolf Ticket”

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Leonardo DiCaprio continues his persona string of playing high profile yet dubious characters in the upcoming movie (released date Christmas-New Years) "Wolf of Wall Street." DiCaprio has portrayed Howard Hughes, the Great Gatsby, and is now dishing up the likes of Mr. Jordan Belfort, who wrote the autobiography that the film is based on. Jordan, like many of us, got caught in the murky undertow of the so-called "high-life" and was swept out to the Federal Prison in Taft, Calif. for 22 months where his cell mate was Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong. Anyway, life goes on for Jordan, Tommy and the rest of us… In an interview with Business Week, Belfort made a prudent statement that is really on target for all of us. He said, "You can't be half-pregnant when it comes to ethics. Every time you step over the line and back again, the line moves a little bit…" Yes, Jordan, 10-4, backdoor… Doesn't that style go both ways? Even in the noble, sacrificial stuff, the more we step over the line of self-protection and ego into the realm of selfless service, that line begins to move a little as well. Little by little; the cup fills, in both the good and the bad.

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