“Admission” Will Set One Free

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Reading clever, meaningful novel by Jean Hanff Koelitz titled "Admission." One of the sub-plots is the contrast between Oxford academic approach versus Princeton's. The Oxford-Virginia Wolff scholar Helen argues for the excellance of her schools "pure" academic meritocracy citing that the purpose of higher ed is intellectual sanctification. Portia (played by Tina Fey in movie "Admission") shares that the university's goal is more 'big picture' and people sensitive. In other words, Portia pitched to say Princeton wants to incorporate the "why" and "who" in their student development. Helen didn't bite. I guess Helen had never left the Bloomsbury salon long enough to realize that one of Oxford's aims is that of service to an ever-changing world society. In other words, Helen, don't be so afraid of Virginia Wolff that you never leave your brick home and see the rest of mankind.

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