All Kinds of “Drafting” Going On ! ! !

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I'm learning that there is something to be said about "drafting." I'm not talking about the the kind with a draft board and a protractor. Drafting or slipstreaming is the areodynamic trick that NASCAR, cyclist and Canadian geese use in conserving energy by "lining up" directly behind a pack leader. In this way, the "drafter" is getting the benefit of lower wind and air pressure that is being broken up by the one in front of you. I "drafted" big time this past Saturday in slogging down the "farm to market" roads in Eastern Guilford County while participating in the Greensboro Half Marathon (daughter Stacey was a volunteer.) Anyway, major kudos and props to the other 500 particpants who kept me motivated…no way do I do this solo! Mucho gracias to all the different volunteer groups who lined the course and passed out cheers and Gatorade. High Fives ! ! Thanks a mil to the cyclists dudes who would pedal by with our current times safety-pinned to their backs! "Atta boys" to the organizers who had rubbery-vinyl distance markers secured the entire route! I'm normally a loner, but I'm learning that by "drafting" thru the community of like-hearted, gentle souls, I am able to accomplish 100 times more than I could as a "Lone Ranger!"

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