Amish Mafia

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"Amish Mafia" is another lame attempt at a so-called "reality" show on the Discovery Channel. Levi (the Don), Jolin (strong arm) and Alvin act like they are the only sane ones among the 50,000 Amish people living in Lancaster County, PA. While the rest of these hard working farmers are getting going at the crack of dawn (cows to be milked, horses to shod, crops to be sown/harvested) the so-called Mafiaso are out picking up snippets of gossip on their brothers/sisters in the community. After Jolin has cleaned his assault weapon for the 5th time the Mob may cruise the scene while planning how to leverage one of the brethren's faux pas. The fact is that the real Amish are not dunderheaded wimps. They haven't succeeded at making their system work for 300 years by being "soft". You try to intimidate a man who has been bailing hay for 12 hours by waving a M-15 and you'd probably get a pitchfork "howdy-do!"

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