Another New “Exercise Gizmo”???

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Just saw 2 new exercise products today called "Fluidity" and "Uppercut-by Bowflex." You have to admit there have been some clever ones to come along;…the dumbell alarm clock that won't turn off until you've done 50 curls, those "Shaky Maraca" things, the sliding discs and sliding mat, the Jack Rack, the Hawaiian Chair thing. I guess as long as people have bodies, there will always be a market for both exercise contraptions and diets. The "Catch 22" about these products is 90% of the folks who order them are not suffering so much from a new creative way to get their "6-pack" on as they do from delusion. In other words, if any of us were serious enough about fitness we would probably just go outside and begin walking while possibly adding a few jumping jacks, push-ups and those dreaded "bends and thrusts" we did in high school. Really, its a no-brainer and its free and available in a neighborhood near you.

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