Arby’s Guests Are the Best!

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I know that the servers at Moe's Mexican restaurant shout, "Welcome to Moe's" as the patrons enter the doors. But for all those folks with a "bell fetish" (…can I ring the bell on the firetruck, can I pull the rope on the chuch bell, would they let me ring the Liberty Bell??..) Arby's has got it going on…at least at the one in Lexington, NC. They have 2 bells with "ringer ropes" next to the doors as you leave. Who can resist? What's even better is that the bell ringing is interactive. Once a happy roast beef eater clangs the bell, all the servers yell out "Arby's Guests are the Best!" I think I'm gonna be a regular and it won't be because of those curley fries!

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