Are We “Rule” Watching or Enjoying the Sport?

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As 64 year old marathon swimmer Diana Nyad attempts to swim from Cuba to Key West for the 5th time over this Labor Day weekend, I found it a little ironic that some form of long-distance swimming authority is making sure Diana "plays by the rules" for her swim to be official. Come on, she swimming 103 miles amongst sharks and posionous box jelly fish, cut her some slack. Can you imagine if after she completed this super human swim, she gets a DQ because she delusionally touched the Pilot Boat while in her 80th hour of swimming. How about the DQ's they give on the PGA tour…accidentally dislodging pebbles in creeks before trying to hit the ball or going over the "sacred 10 second" rule if your ball is hanging precariously on the edge of the cup before tapping in. Rules are not the "warp and woof" of the game. I think we miss the whole point when our concern is how the player "raked out his sandtrap" instead of celebrating their excellance in their sport.

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