Armani, Rolex, Montblanc Cuff Links and MI6

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MI6 is not the name of the standard American military rifle. That is rather an M- (dash) 16. It is also not the name of the Russian Heavy transport helicopter. That is Mi-6. No, MI6 is the name of the British version of the C.I.A. and it stands for Military Intelligence, Section 6. This is the office that James Bond has worked for over the last 50 years. My question for a department that has the name "Intelligence" on its letterhead is simply this; why do your field agents have to be so dressed and blinged up while working a secret mission? I would think it might be easier doing all the Mixed-Martial Art stuff on those bad guys in something more roomier that either a custom-fitted tux or an Armani suit. Likewise, doesn't all that expensive garb draw attention to one? When has Sir James ever had a 5-O'Clock shadow? It's obvious the enemy isn't looking for name brands when they have you in their cross-hairs ready to decimate you. But, then what "Bond girl" would swoon in the arms of a fellow dressed as a UPS delivery guy?

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