As I Become ‘Free-Er’, I Become a Castaway

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Slogging along with Einstein-like social satirist GK Chesterton, irony rules the day. And cleverly so… Reflecting on so-called "personal freedoms/rights," inevitably instead of allowing people to become more free to roller coaster around morally, thereby becoming more "human", these ever-morphing freedoms are turning society into a archipelago of human castaways. As the limits and ceiling for "self-actualization" grow like the national debt, I discover that I am becoming more sensitized to my insatiable hunger for me and less sensitized to the existences of people around me. Morals used to be markers and traffic signs for helping selfish people (like me) stay sensitive to common needs. But as I demand designer/boutique morals so as not to be "oppressed," I find myself drifting out to sea further from the "give and take" of interacting and engaging the rest of the neighborhood, village square and market place.

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