BACONALIA: Is It In Greece or Grease?

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Denny's Restaurant chain has a special menu theme going on called Baconalia. It is menagerie of 7 wondrous "Bacon-laden" items now on their menu. There's the Triple Bacon Sampler, the BBBLT, and even a Maple Bacon Sundae. Yes, you can top off your Bacon feeding frenzy with bacon and ice cream. Denny's is spoofing the Greek festival to Bacchus that gave us the word "Bacchanalia." But really, the spoof is on us as we eat in denial of the toxic elements buried in those mouth-watering strips. It appears that nitrates are added to bacon to give it that rich red-brown marble coloring. What Denny's doesn't mention in their marketing campaign is that when bacon is cooked at high-temps (duh?) it produces a substance called nitrosamine which can be carcinogenic to the pancreas.

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