Banana Slugs, the Cardinal, and the Geoducks

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Watching this year's college hoop regular seaon wind down, I wonder about the psychological impact some of the schools nicknames have on their teams. Take Stanford University, they are "The Cardinal." Yet, it is not a bird. It is not even the strange tree mascot seen with the Stanford band. It is simply a shade of red. Hear the chant, "Let's go vivid reds, let's go vivid reds!" Or the awe-striking Banana Slugs of Univ. of Calif.-Santa Cruz. Or even the intimidating Goeducks (not a duck, but rather a clam) of Evergreen State College. You would think that with the skyrocketted budgets for new facilities, they might invest some into a grittier, more "shock & awe" name for their teams. The Delaware Blue Hens…are you kidding?

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