Baptism Sacrament; Look At Big Picture…

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Recently, a friend shared about a pastor who wouldn't support one of his parishioners being baptized as an adult because he had already been baptized as a kid. I know some church rules say it is redundant (like having back-to-back wedding ceremonies for a newlywed couple) 'cause regardless of one's age, the sacrament has a permanent seal on the recepient. OK, fine…but lets skip technicalities. If someone wants to show-off a newly rejuvenated commitment thru this ceremony, I think God would be pleased. Aren't we to "shine our light" to let folks know our God is Alive. Another friend added that he had been given "Last Rites" 3 times (three separate near death experiences). OK, our journeys take some hair-pin turns… the "sacraments" should serve to celebrate life's victories, recoveries and escapes that are more the norm than a denominational rule. What do you think?

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