Beware When Those Talents and Skills Get Too Good

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There is nothing cooler than to see someone exercise their God-given gift, particularly when they really are exceptional at it. Let's see; MJ, Speilberg, Phil Mc, Grisham, Jackie Evancho, Warren Buffett and upteen thousand others. Not only do these peeps have an extraordinary ability, but they have perfected it with endless practice and coaching. But one of the hidden spectres about getting to a "10" gift-wise is when one loses touch with his/her fallible humanity. In other words, as scintillating as their performance, there is so much more to stay "squared away on." Marriages, emotional and mental health, money management, team dynamics, "giving back," faith, supporters and even manners. The key character trait that Jim Collins (Book; Good to Great) observed in gifted leaders was humility. It almost seems that to the degree these amazing people ascended, their teachability to keep the rest of their lives healthy grew even more!

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