Biggest Messes Have Potential To Become Biggest Messages!!

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Watching a pilot friend of mine try to re-create Pilot Denzel Washington's "Inversion manuever" from the movie "Flight" on a simulator earlier today inspired me to queue up key scenes from the flic on YouTube. Hard to top Denzel's miraculous deft poise in saving almost everyone on board (6 fatalities), but the even greater miracle may have been him finally coming clean on his alcoholism. The film director handled Washington's "conscience breakdown" with incredible poignancy. The film ended with now inmate Washington sharing transparently with a dozen other inmates about his recovery journey. He shares he had finally come to the limit of a lifetime of lies. The crash, the NTSB hearing and the photo of the deceased stewardess were enough to say "I couldn't tell another lie." He concludes by saying that it was strange to be coming from one incarcerated, but for the first time in his life "he was free." Thanks Denzel!

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