Chicken Little and Quantum Mechanics

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We all have been like Chicken Little as we sometimes feel that our whole world is falling down around us. Ms. Little should be grateful that her fear was easy to resolve. But if Ms. Little lived today I don't know if either Henny Penny or Loosey Goosey could have got her stabilized. As information and means of discovering new information grows exponentially, one's head spins like a top trying to absorb and process it. Maybe there is something to the adage of having child-like faith (not childish which was more of Ms. Little's problem.) At the end of the day faith lets us stand on the idea that mystery (the unknowable) is just as much, if not more, of a key element as nanotechnology or quantum field theory. In a time where complexity breeds complexity, we can get a better night's rest exercising faith.

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