Church Billboard; This One Struck!

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I guess we all get tired of some of the Mary Poppins’ clich├ęs that can be seen on church billboards…Yet, every now and then, we will read one that hits a grand slam. The lettering on the marquee said, “God can do instantaneously, what it may otherwise take a lifetime…” Not bad work! I think this exhortation is a charge to pray… Teacher Steve Brown said that we don’t really know what prayer is, we just know it is… One may say, “I can’t tell you how may times I’ve prayed only to come up empty handed.” But it may be like the starfish parable. When the man told the little boy that his effort at throwing the starfish back in the ocean won’t that much of a difference to whole starfish population, the lad said, “That’s OK, it makes a difference to the ONE I threw back!” Likewise, we don’t know when that 1,000 prayer for our child or marriage will release an instantaneous move by God that otherwise may take us a lifetime. Why God waits is His business, ours is to pray unceasingly and believe He is good, faithful and powerful.

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