“Coming Around Again”

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One of my favorite movie songs is Carly Simon's "Coming Around Again" from movie Heartburn. This month the pure beauty of sport a la natural actually did "come around again" as a biddy basketball team of shoeless Mexican kids won the whole Central/South American hoop classic in Argentina amidst the jeers and taunts of the more "geared-up" units. Reminded me of the old Converse High Top poster that used to adorn the front windows of the sporting goods stores nationwide back in late 60's. Mike Warren (later Hill Street Blues) of UCLA scoring on a breakaway lay-up over Dick Grubar (former City Councilman-Greensboro) of North Carolina Tar Heels in 1968 NCAA Finals. Of course, what is worn on everyone's feet but $20 Converse High Tops. No hundred dollar plus Air Jordan Ninja Uber-Platinums, just plain old rubber and canvas with white cotton laces. Not only will the young champs from Oaxaca enjoy their victory, but they can sleep easily at nite knowing no one is trying to steal their basketball shoes.

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