Cycles de Oro Assisting Greensboro’s ‘Finest’

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It was a treat driving by Cycle's de Oro near Battleground/ Wendover and seeing one of the staff helping load up the repaired Police bicycle on to the squad car rack. Yes, Greensboro City Public Safety outsources their police bicycle maintenance. Bicycles should feel honored they play such a vital role in our city's security and they really are the best vehicle in places where cars or horses might be hard to manuever. But Police are happy to use other means to patrol as well. On lakes and rivers, you may hear a siren coming from a jet ski, while in the Middle East the flashing red lights could be from a "camel cop." There are helicoptors, segways, motorcycles, and the legendary "mounted police" (a la NYC). I'm looking forward to seeing a policeman skate down a culprit using roller blades.

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