Diggin’ Up New Wells In the Desert Sin City (Vegas)

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Surprize, Guess who's hosting the "Life is Beautiful Festival" this weekend? Yep, Las Vegas…where if you've had a bad nite, life probably ain't lookin' too beautiful…!! Anyway, the Life is Beautiful Festival is big street scene set-up featuring free class acts, chefs, and even a "give-back" alley comprised of ways to give to non-profit programs. My favorite outfit on the LIBF manifest is the "charity:water" organization whose chief goal is building clean water wells in drought areas around the world. As with Vegas "giving back," the founder of charity:water is a "give-back" story as well. As a yuppie, the only water Scott Harrison was interested in as a nite club promoter in New York City was the kind used in mixed drinks. But after taking a Sabbatical on a Hospital Ship as a photographer, his life story went 180 degrees as he found his purpose in "promoting" life-giving clean water in desperate outback regions. Scott's group is the perfect metaphor that wells can be dug in not only in the deserts of the Sudan, but Las Vegas as well!

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