Don’t Add Your “Candy Crush” Level To Your Resume

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I am a neadrathal. No IPhone, no "Breaking Bad" viewing experience (even on Hulu,) and not one play on "Candy Crush." Can you believe that a mortal can actually achieve Level 485 on the inimatable 'Crush." OK… What would E.T. have felt watching earthlings staring desperately at jelly beans and lozenges dropping in different configurations on a 2.2 by 3 inch screen. Amazon has 4 pages of Kindle books on beating the "crush." I struggle keeping up with my car keys and consuming to much real "candy" (Kit Kats, M &M's – I guess you could say my problem is a "crush" on candy.) I'll need to let the professionals do the serious work of climbing that elusive "Crush" heirarchy.

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