Don’t Be So Slick, Clarence Darrow!

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88 years ago, great rhetoric/lawyer Clarence Darrow pummelled prosecutor and 3-time Presdiential candidate William Jennings Bryan for 2 hours about the errors in the Bible at the famous Scopes Monkey Trial. Excellent stategy, Clarence. You were able to take an ancient document that was somehow fashioned together over a 1500 period and punch holes in it to discredit both the prosecutor and the issue. A savvy tactic called bombastic harangue similar to the old "throw sand in your opponent's eyes" and then proceed to sucker punch him to pieces. At the end of the day, whether you micro-taxonomy to death God, the Bible, evolution, or "twerking," this life thing has never meant to be an exact science, but largely a "faith experience." Boil it down, Clarence, it takes 10 times more faith to believe that every sophisticated and complex organism and entity somehow emerged from what? Colliding gases, chaotic slime, bubbling ooze. Clarence, please help me find one piece of sustainable evidence where a non-descript, un-traceable form of matter evolved into a uber-uber complex living, breathing, reproducing organism. #HASHTAG# that, big Clare!

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