“Drop Dead Gorgeous” Great On Short End, But Tough Over Long Haul

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Just saw where another "drop dead gorgeous" diva is getting an article in Vanity Fair. OK, with the instantaneous international exposure, miraculous "make-overs," and photo-shop technology, a good-looking gal can become almost goddess-like in their radiance. On the short-end, this can mean extra spending money and maybe a book or movie deal, but over the long run, I pity the girl who has to depend on her looks during the course of her life. My Aunt Jane used to say that your looks will get you by the first 5 minutes, but after that, you are on your own… Not only will an Athena NOT be able to navigate and negotiate "real life" issues with a wink and a smile, but how is this eye candy going to keep up a 21 year-old countenance into her sixties?

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