East Is East and West Is West

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In the flic "Passage to India" one of the Anglophiles makes the bigoted statement that "East is East and West is West" infering that therefore; "never the twain shall meet…" One of the premises in E.M. Forster's book was to subtlely expose the narow-mindedness of the English who lived and attempted to govern India in the early 20thcentury. Yet to fully be a Westerner (i.e. calling spades, spades and never-ever forgetting to wear your dinner jacket to dinner even if you are in the Outback a la "Out of Africa.") one would also need to be a good Easterner. The Eastern filter says diversity and mystery are facts of life, therefore embrace them as robustly as you would afternoon tea and futbol. Actually, the irony of it is that both Oxford and Cambridge see themselves as standards for a University, which really means "unity in diversity." It's the uncomfortable dilemma of walking in tension between the crystal clear rightness of something and the gray, foggy, muddled confusion of the back story behind that "something!"

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