Espn’s Best Play 2013

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Univ. of South Carolina's superhuman defensive end Jadeveon Clowney won this years ESPY "Play of the Year" for knocking the Michigan players helmet off when he tackled him in the Outback Bowl. OK,… I give him tons of points for a testosterone, 'scorched earth,' grisly, raw, Bear Gryll's survival type hit, but as far as "Best Play"…wouldn't some other factors enter into the voting fans overall appraisal ? Factors like: Significance of the game, At what point of the game did the play happen, and even the impact to the remainder of the series that the play influenced… In other words, Context is everything! Take Ray Allen's shot in Game 6 with several seconds before the final buzzer sounded against San Antonio. Context; Dwayne Wade missed his shot seconds before and it was a loose ball that got slapped Ray's way. Ok, Miami down three so they have to make a three. If Ray misses, San Antonio wins the NBA championship. Absolutely a done deal. But we all know what went down. This shot not only totally broke the Spur's back. The Spurs lose that game in overtime and then proceed to lose the next game for Miami to win the Finals. This was a no-brainer as far as Best Play, but then I hate MMA.

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