Feeding Frenzy In the Shark Tank

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Gosh, I bet the aspiring entrepreneurs can't wait to be like 5 "Super-Titanium" billionaire/multi-millionaires that bare their fangs at them while they work to earn their endorsements on "Shark Tank" (Friday nite on ABC). As these nervous candidates stand before the Gucchi-suited Svengalis of Wall Street in front of millions of TV viewers pitching their ideas, one would guess that the "Sharks" would be somewhat encouraging. I mean they are set and can now use their wherewithal in a mentoring capacity…WRONG ! ! As one "up and comer" shares about his products progress, guffaws and snickers billow out from the pontifical chairs. Condescending, impervious, imperious: these sharks may have forgotten that they were once on the outside of the board room. I know some of it is part of the show's edge, but it is also an "ego frenzy" nonetheless.

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