Finally, “Spiritual Enlightenment!”, But I Still Need an Altoid!

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Everybody is working on their spiritual side. Tim Freke is an English chap who calls himself a stand-up philosopher. He is the author of a couple dozen books on spirituality. His current one is called The Mystery Experience which combines Jungian psychology, quantum physics, Eastern monism, and the higher consciousness. He holds retreats to help us pilgrims discover more of our spiritual side. In one of his Youtube talks he circles back around to the love factor as being the essence of robust spirituality. Spot on, Tim… But "love" by whose definition. Because us mortals tend to be sometimes slow spiritual learners, we need an example. But who?… Gandhi, Confucious, Siddhartha, Isaac Newton, Pope Francis, Mother Teresa… We not only need the best model, but we need that model to infuse his/her spirit of love into our selfish natures. There is only one personality that has shown to be the example and promised to re-invent us into that pattern. And it isn't by higher consciousness. He merely said, "Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened…

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