Follow Thru/Follow Up; Popcorn or Colo. River?

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I don't think there is anything in life that cannot be accomplished when applying the right "follow thru/follow up" strategy. Whether selling Lamborginis or abolishing slavery in England (William Wilberforce circa 1833) it's that relentless, steady, unwavering chipping away at the project that gets it done. Hopefully, different from Wilberforce who died one month before the passing of the Slave Abolition Act, we will be able to experience the thrill of seeing a task wrapped up. Yet, it seems most of us (me, big time) struggle with the thankless, invisble grind of follow thru. We tend to be more "popcorn" than Colorado Rivers. Thanks to the "never say die" attitude, the Colorado helped create one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World in the Grand Canyon. On the other hand, with the microwave and Orville Redenbacher, "popcorn" has gotten even "poppier!" Believe it not, water is the "pop secret" behind the exploding kernel. Just make sure your water element in your follow thru is more "river" quality than corn seed!!

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