“Freeing Tigers From Their Cages Doesn’t Free Them From Their Stripes”

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Because of the Catholic Cable network (ETWN) and my nephew's curious, probing mind, I have decided to go on a G.K. Chesterton jag. Chesterton was a bigger than life personality way before Gaga, Miley and Lindsey. He roved the English heather at the turn of the 20th century. Though he was quite the character (could have drank more Slim-Fast) and was very much a classic "absent-minded professor" type, he went on to positively influence C.S. Lewis, Ghandi and Irish patriot Michael Collins. The "Tiger" quote is a Chesterton cliche. Maybe, what drove his passion to be a clever social satirist was his amazing grasp of life's paradox. He saw that only as people began to see life thru the "lenses" of paradoxy could anyone really know and live in reality. I think because he was such a prophet (nicknamed the "prophet of common sense") of calling spades,…spades, he needed to use wit, satire and conundrum to prophesy. Otherwise, his message would soon overpower us regular folks.

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