Give Someone the Gift of the Journey, Instead of the Destination

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How often do we want to "short cut" a person's life journey and accelerate them to the perceived destination ahead of schedule, kind of like the game of "Chutes and Ladders?" I know I do it thinking I'm being a helping hand, but in actuality, I'm really doing it cause I'm uncomfortable (not them.) Tragically, we sabotage their growth process for the sake of our own "peace of mind." God has hidden some priceless raw diamonds in those weed, briars, and pot holes of invaluable discovery and healing if we can just be forebearing and let the journey play out. Granted, sometimes we do need to send a lifeguard out on a jet ski, but those are exceptions. The norm looks more like us acting as encouragers as we see friends and family face planting again! It's OK… it will only be a matter of time and we'll be face down along side them and glad we don't have apologize for being such hypocrites!

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