Going From Bald Eagle To Bald Ego

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Back in the early 80's there was a pop psychology movement called "EST," (Werner Erhard) One of his teachings was on a thing called the "Bald Ego." In the 80's, I wasn't bald, but was nothing but "ego." Today, I am bald and still struggle with my ego. OK, Werner, can you put that teaching on Itunes? Anyway, ego, ego,…leggo of my eggo. I'm discovering I'm an ego addict. I'm going to apply the first two steps of the AA Twelve Step program to this addiction. God, help me find the health on being an "eagle," (a child of God, made in His Image) "bald" (I'm not Tom Cruise after all) and having an "ego." (balance between genuinely caring for my needs, while genuinely caring for other's needs)

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