Going Into Goliath’s Journal

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Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers, Tipping Point, Blink) has just released his 5th book this past Tuesday titled "David and Goliath." He really gets into the DNA of these 2 legendary opponents. He flips the story on its head by showing that David actually had the edge on "all-world MMA champion" Goliath. Goliath may have been 9 feet tall, but the tumor or defect on his pituitary gland that gave him "giant-ness" may have also given him blurred vision. His intimidation scare approach may have been his way of covering up the fact he actually needed glasses. David, on the other hand, was one of the founders of "black op sniper school." He was classified a "slinger" (not a ringer) for his incredible accuracy with his centrifugal slingshot. Isn't it funny how a few extra details can alter an interpretation to completely change its meaning. Not only a call to NOT judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we should do more investigation before we judge a book even by itself!

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