Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, London Bridge

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What do these 3 famous bridges have to do with "Evangelism Explosion" (EE circa 1980-ish) OK…one of the roots or essences for evangelism is the idea of "bridge building." G.K. Chesteron was a great "bridge builder" as he had a special capacity to span gaps to all kinds of diverse groups. He could have also been a legit bridge engineer. As engineers know, you have to allow for some flex in huge structures. If a bridge is too inflexible and rigid, something like a kitty kat traipsing across it could produce reverbration to ultimately crack it unless there was some shock absorption built in. Chesterton said that religion was similar. It needed the imaginative, creative, poetic side to keep the dogma from getting too unbearably hard. Chesterton said that the imaginative kept the absolutes of God "fluid."

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