“Good Friends ?” You May Wanna Do a Discount Double Check ?

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Growing up in the South in the Sixties, Modernism (not to be confused with Post-Modernism) was a little slower taking hold. The "old boy's club," "inner circles," "networking," the "cocktail circuit," and "legacies" were still pretty significant. So-called "good friends" was a term bandied about like a badge or a charm on one's bracelet. But I wonder how "good" those friendships really were? How transparent and trustworthy were they? That is probably an anachronism for our parent's generation, but still they didn't mind saying "so and so" was a "good friend" of theirs…Nevertheless, maybe one of the defaults of having easy "good friendships" was that folks were probably not going too deep in their own personal interiors. In other words, they may have really needed all the "good friends" they could list, cause they were struggling in being "good friends" with the most important person in their lives… i. e. themselves!

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