Good Luck Comes In Slender Currents

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The Irish say that "Good luck comes in slender currents." This was no doubt the case for Diana Nyad in her heroic quest of swimming from Cuba to Key West recently. The "professional" skeptics have calculated that it was impossible for her to swim 110 miles in 53 hours, particularly at Diana's young age of 64. They are right, except for one element: Diana was swimming in what is known as "rough waters," not a lap pool. OK, so just as "rough water swimming" can present multiple hazards (sharks, box jelly fish, storms, sun scorch) occassionally it can also give a favor. On Diana's 5th attempt (over a 35 year period) the Gulf Stream lent her an incredible current that propelled her into history. It seemed that the current literally carried her limping body along to the finish. Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, "that the race doesn't go to the swift…but time and chance happen to us all!" Keep stroking, Diana!

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