Greater of the Two Successes

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Really, really cool cruising North Topsail Beach this weekend and seeing some stunning beachfront homes. They were the stuff of HGTV. Who wouldn't want to be successful enough to own a gorgeous beach home whether at N. Topsail, Carmel, CA or even the French Riviera. But I think there is actually a GREATER benchmark of success and that is the "progress 'curve'" of someone who has lost it all; whether financially, relationally, physically or reputation-wise. To see someone dig themselves out of the darkest, slimiest pit instead of "chucking it all" and start making great strides at rebuilding their lives is truly impressive…'cause its harder to disentangle the mess, own your stuff, make amends and then "hit it again," (considering all of those negative voices), than to make stellar progress without dealing with the hard-work of painful recovery.

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