Greater of Two Unkindnesses

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As a staunch member of the baby boomers (born mostly between 1946 and 1964,) I am still trying to learn IPhone graces. I don't mean grace in operating an IPhone (I don't have one,) but rather grace towards others who like to be on their IPhone. I am waiting for Otter Box to come out with a "for shower use" case so patrons can lather up accompanied by their IPhone. Oops, was just informed there is such a feature… Anyway, right/wrong…politically correct/incorrect, I am exposed again at being a Pharisee. Situation; 19 year-old daughter using IPhone at dinner table…obvious answer: turn it off. Yet, what if I approached this dilemma from the radical position of affirmation, kindness and grace? My wife suggested this tact; "later on, share with daughter how special she is and how much we miss what she adds to the dinner conversation…" HMMM. WOW…could I do such a thing? I've got a long way to grow…So what is the greater unkindness? IPhone control or my unwillingness to be stretched into attitudes of extending radical grace?

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