Grime-Ball Momentum

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Momentum is sure a funny critter. Sometimes, my momentum wouldn't get me to get off the couch to grab the TV remote 3 feet away, and then other times my momentum has me "on such a roll" that I start tackling jobs that I only have nightmares of doing… But the thing that really gets my "mojo" (momentum juice) freaking is when I finally get my puny hands into the grime of the most offensive job (i.e. cleaning out the 2 years of hair from the downstairs shower drain, cleaning out all of the strange bottles of stuff underneath the kitchen sink, taking the 5 huge trash bags of old paperwork down to local bank's "free shreading" day., finishing my tax returns.) After getting stinky and dirty and actually "getting it done", I am so pumped up that I am ready to embrace the normal routine with boldness and derring-do! Does anybody need their gutters cleaned this weekend?!

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