Guarenteed To Win Bets and Amaze Friends ! !

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Here is an acronym that is so cool that it ought to be "CLASSIFIED" OK, here it is…just don't take advantage of to many people with it, OK? Challenge/Question; Who can quickly name the famous person on all American paper currency starting at One Dollar bill (including Two Dollar bill) up to One Hundred Dollar Bill. I'll give you 2 minutes…IPhones, IPads, and other devices other than your brain are not allowed. OK, here's the Acronym to git ur dun. "We Just Love How Jack Gets Fat" or "W J L H J G F". OK, One Dollar- Washington, Two Dollar – Jefferson, Five – Lincoln, Ten – Hamilton, Twenty – Jackson, Fifty – Grant, Hundred – Franklin ! Have Fun. I'm not encouraging you go to a Biker Bar this weekend and challenge any of those cats at this, unless you only order a Shirley Temple and pay for his beer after you win!

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