Hardest Language On Earth To Learn

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What is the most difficult language in the world? Arabic is one, so is Mandarin and Korean…Have you heard of Basque? It is the dialect spoken in the conflicted area of Basque, Spain (northern Spain that touches France.) But there is actually an even tougher one; it the language of the human heart. The core nouns and verbs are basic: kindness, humility, forgiveness, gratitude. So simple, like the "Dick and Jane" Primers. Yet, don't we end up speaking in translations (slurring, holding grudges, coldness, indignation) that are so foreign to our hearts? It is easy to see why there's a breakdown in communication. Often we chalk it up to self-protection or 'righteous anger.' But life's unfairness and imperfect people don't change the heart's code. Regardless of the past stain and strain, the human heart always responds best and speaks purest in it's native tongue of kindness, humility, forgiveness and gratitude.

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