Henry Ford’s ‘Speed Dial’

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Henry Ford said it wasn't necessary to know everything, just know the person who did know what he needed to know and then call him/her. Likewise, as we bumble along we need to know what personality this person is as we share scoop and action steps with. In other words, if we are personal and vulnerable with a lion or beaver personality we may get offended at their perceived indifference. But if we need help with our roof after a tree lands on it, the lion and the beaver are just the folks to call! Doesn't mean that lions and beavers are jerks relationally, but that their personality strengths are in other areas. The secret is understanding how God has wired us. Don't get frustrated when the otter (I'm a used car salesman otter) forgets to supply plastic ware at the church picnic… give that job to a beaver (like my wife.) Let the otter float from table to table and tell stories.

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