Hooping, There It Is!

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With the continual emergence of the Super-Super-duper Amusement Parks around the world that include Star Wars type water-slides and those crazy human sling shot harness rides, it is easy to forget about those simpler days of the hula-hoop and whammo slip n slide. Gosh, back in the sixties you could probably pick up a hula hoop for a buck or two. That wouldn't get you a cup of ice at Six Flags. One of the craziest "adventure" toys for kids was a sleek ride called a "Flexy Racer" made by the Flexible Flyer sled company. These speed traps actually came out in the 30's before there was OSHA. The best comparison to it today would be those Long board-skate board things where people get up to 50 mph hurtling down streets. Anyway, who needs to travel to Florida for amusement?…just buy some Frisbees, Superballs, Hula-Hoops, Super-Soakers and create your own.

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