How About Meerkats and Honey Badgers!

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Driving home up Battleground this afternoon, there Originally posted up at the corner of 150 & 220 was the ad for "Yoga on Horseback"! Really cool sign complete with a photo of a gal in either the 'tree' or 'triangle' pose on top of the poor horse's back. Interesting, Different. Animals are the best in helping us mortals. Look at the the incredible "seeing eye dog" program that has morphed into dogs helping people w/ all kinds of limitations. Asbury College in Wilmore, KY actually has a certified degree program where a horse person can get a ministry degree using horses as the agent for healing, actualization, etc. Haven't seen the cable show called "Pitbulls and Paroles" (this is legit!) but I'm sure these tough guys are having some bonding experiences w/ those canine tough guys. Can't wait for the program that helps cobras and mongooses learn to treat each other w/ respect and civility!

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