If You Have To “Bolt”, Make Sure You Grab the Right Bag

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In the dark, undercover world of Special Warfare and Covert Operations, there can be a time when the action really heats up and it would behoove the professional "operator" to "bolt." Fortunately, being the highly-trained agent that you are, you have dutifully packed your "bolt bag." In military and law-enforcement circles, the "bolt bag" is a small, streamlined backpack piece that is pre-packed with all the crucial elements needed for a quick, tactical transition to another location. It would hold all your small armament, ammo, and other weaponry things. It might also contain the Jason Bourne stuff like a passport, first-aid kit, an IPhone and/or IPad, along with some spending money if you need a Gatorade or a V-8 juice while relocating. It's not the first time a small bag has been called a "bolt bag." Ironworkers actually had the original "bolt bag" which was a heavy canvas bag that easily clipped on to their belts to store all their nuts and bolts when building those skyscrapers

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