Investing $50,000 In a Collector Piece, Now What?

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If I purchase the rare Pokemon "Illustrator" card for $50,000 off Ebay, then what? Do I put it on my mantle or on the bookshelf. Or do I put it my Safety Deposit Box and pull it out every now and then and look at it? Or simply hold onto it for future investment purposes. OK, I can see value in Waterford Crystal, Steuben Glass, Heron pottery and other masterpieces, because these items are actually very beautiful to admire. And the invaluble collector baseball cards,…at least they have a true story of Americana tied to them. But, this little "pocket monster" I struggle to find any essential value in him. Yet, I quess value like beauty is in the beholder. I still might put my cash in Berkshire Hathaway stock.

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