Is Less More? Sponge Bob On “Value”

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Does making Forbes magazine in any category an index of value? OK, lets see Bill Gates is worth how many billion…??? Sponge Bob could care less. Here's the true index for value… Spend some time hiking during the summer and "SHAZAAM" the value of water has exponentially multiplied in value. OK, whats our point. You and I in the Western Civ. have pretty much endless wealth of tap water at our disposal. In "water-terms" Bill Gate-like billionaries… But we don't give it a thought while at home… But when we are so-called "dying of thirst" the value of luke warm water sky-rockets. Ergo, value is not quantitative, really, but QUALITATIVE. I.E. Value is the personal meaning each person gives it (not culture!) and nine times out of ten it is a meaning born out of LACK, NOT SURPLUS ! !

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